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The Apple Family


Big Mac is Applejack’s and Applebloom’s big brother, the eldest of the children in the Apple Family.

He doesn’t say much. His two favorite words are YEP and NOPE. He does lots of important chores on the farm, ‘Sweet apple acres’, such as ploughing the field. He’s also very strong and could lift a kitchen cooker.

Did You Know: Big Mac has a fabulous singing voice and is a singer in the Pony Tones singing group.



Granny Smith is Applejack, Applebloom and Big Mac’s granny.

She’s excellent at making apple pies and can tell you facts about anything even though she sleeps on her rocking chair a lot.

Did You Know: Granny Smith helped to create Ponyville by planting the first orchard. She once explored the woods near her old house and discovered a new type of apple tree that produced rainbow-colored apples called ‘Zap Apples’. As she started to pick them, wolves chased her back to her house. The next day, she planted the seeds and the trees grew in a flash. If she didn’t pick the apples quick enough, they’d all disappear. She made jam and many goodies to sell and ponies started to move into that land. So they named it Ponyville.